Lifestyle diseases

VIDEO: Lifestyle diseases increasing

That threat is "ignorance" - ignorance to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Sam Yockopua from Port Moresby General Hospital's Emergency Unit, the emergency unit today, receives more than 4 cases of lifestyle related disease, unlike in the past.


Charmaine Poriambep with more 

Huge loss for media industry: Polye

“He had a distinctive voice with his fluency in English,” stated Polye. 

“He used to critically analyse important issues affecting the country and created forums on the radio airwaves to prompt policies and legislations to address them.”

Polye said late Hau’ofa had left a legacy with over 50 years of experience which young presenters would aspire to live by.

“He was a strong advocate for democracy, rule of law, good governance and systems of governance, amongst others.

Lifestyle diseases on rise in Bougainville

A research has been carried out in the region and has revealed that diseases like diabetes is very common amongst the population.

The lack of exercise to keep physically fit, the consumption of sweets, especially soft drinks and a lot of sugar is now a common habit.

Underage smoking and drinking of alcohol is rampant all over the region and this has now led to obesity and diabetes.

Dr Patrick Diou of the Bougainville division of health told PNG Loop it has now  become worse over the years despite awareness campaigns by the health division.