Online activity

How to 'deep clean' your online activity

The Labour MP resigned from the Women and Equalities Committee after misogynistic remarks and degrading jokes he posted more than 10 years ago resurfaced.

The scandal raises the question: what steps can you take to avoid old online posts - that may no longer reflect your point of view - coming back to haunt you?

Want to delete yourself from the Internet? Use this website

For instance, before shifting to a new place, getting a new job where you don’t want people to know about your past, or you just want to cut off from the internet.

While you’re trying to delete yourself from the internet, you can’t just stop after removing your social media and email accounts. There are a plethora of accounts which you might’ve access during your internet life and don’t even remember their names. These can be various gaming websites or the online forums where you asked those secret questions about your life.

The dos and don'ts of posting about your kid online

It occurs when parents share details about their children's lives online, and there are some benefits to "sharenting." Some say they discuss parenting on social media to feel less alone and others post about their family to stay connected with their loved ones.

However, there are potential harms that come with "sharenting" too, that many parents might not recognize, according to new research.