NRI director

NRI Director Charles Yala farewelled

Dr Yala has been Director since mid-2015 and leaves having had a 22-year association with the Institute since graduating with the University of PNG.

Dr Yala has made significant contributions to the work of the Institute both as Director and as a researcher.

His work in the land reform area has been pioneering coinciding with the work of the National Land Development Program since 2005.

He has contributed to various policy research, advice and commentaries on important issues.

Voter behaviour differs in PNG: NRI

NRI director Dr. Charles Yala said, PNG Elections are a colourful event that happens after five years and has its own dimension.

He said voters do not normally vote on party policies but vote according to their short and long term needs.

In an example, he said the behaviour of a voter in the Highlands region will be different from a person from the Coastal part of the country.

Dr Yala said, the high illiteracy rate, country’s diverse culture and geographical landscapes also influence voter behaviour.     


Pangu Party to promote policy at NRI forum

NRI director Dr Charles Yala made the confirmation in a media conference today.

The public forum will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting next week, and the eight sessions will be held this month at NRI conference room in Port Moresby.

Dr Yala said the aim of the forum is to encourage political parties to develop constructive policies and give awareness to the voting population.     

“Our interest is to make an input into the policy debate during the national elections.