Nimamar Local Level Government

Nimamar Council Chamber Open

The Tumbawinlam Haus or Nimamar Council Chamber was officially opened on June 22nd funded by the Nimamar LLG and the Provincial Government at a cost of K2.4 million.

Unlike other Council Chambers, the Tumbawinlam Haus was built in partnership with the Nimamar Council who chipped in with counterpart funding of K1.2 million for the K2.4 million building.

With their contribution through their business arm Nimamar capital, the Lihirians used their economic power to add their own extensions and designs to the Tumbawinlam Haus.

Lack of services lamented

Tunut, a National Alliance party member, unseated deputy governor and incumbent president Ambrose Silul of People’s Progress Party.

His election was witnessed by locals who gathered in numbers at the Tumbawinlam House last Thursday.

He said Lihir Island has been deprived of government services despite having the third largest gold mine in the world.

Lihir locals urged to start spin-off businesses

Ward Three Member of the Nimamar Local Level Government, Clement Zanayes, said this following road construction works carried out in their local constituency.

His comments follow negotiations with Lihir Mine operators, Newcrest Mining Limited, on the construction of a road running through Lipuko and Matakues villages, which fall under Nimamar LLG.

Zanayas led negotiations for road works to be diverted and avoid destroying an existing burial site at Matakues, and have it released to the community as the existing road was built over some graveyards.