Warehouse given less than 12 months

He shared that it was a lengthy and tough process to secure funds from Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH), however, the funds were secured for the project eventually and with three contractors on board as well the task should be delivered within the time frame.

“It was not easy to secure funding from KCH with the lengthy criteria and requirements through the board and to KCH. It was very tough and lengthy but you guys made it through, you have secured this project as the bidders and you got it on merit so we need to deliver this project,” Worinu said.

Everyday People: Morris Aia

It has only been two weeks that I have started work here, I love the work I do and enjoy the environment.

I like to greet people and the clients that come and go. I get to see all the interesting work that goes on here at Motukea.

I work on day shift and finish at 7pm. It’s interesting to see what the workers do at Motukea dockyard. They use big machines like cranes, forklifts and other machines to speed up work. It is all about machines doing the job.