Security Guard

From security guard to programs director

When Christopher was not selected for the high school of his choice, he came to Port Moresby to look for a paid job. He took up a short computer accounting course while working his first job as a security guard, but his passion for the creative arts eventually led him to apply for Theatre Arts courses at the University of Papua New Guinea.

“Studying Theatre Arts opened up a whole new world for me,” says Christopher.

“It helped me discover my passion for social work and community development, which is what I have been doing ever since.”

EveryDay People : Rex Eka

Too many influences from bigger boys around the neighbourhood I was residing in that has taught me to do things that are not right by the Law. This has almost taken away my life. Sleeping on my death bed at the hospital, I came to realise that I have to change my behaviour. 

Everyday People: Kendino Bukom

I would say this year was the most challenging year for me personally. Living in Port Moresby is very tough. You must have a job to upkeep your life in the city. Every day, I strive to give my best in my line of work because that is how I earn my money.  The little I get from my fortnight, I buy necessities like food for my house.

I have relatives living in the city but I do not rely on them to take care of me. I live on my own. Walking into 2022, I will leave behind some of my bad habits of smoking, chewing betel-nut and drinking.

Everyday People: Morris Aia

It has only been two weeks that I have started work here, I love the work I do and enjoy the environment.

I like to greet people and the clients that come and go. I get to see all the interesting work that goes on here at Motukea.

I work on day shift and finish at 7pm. It’s interesting to see what the workers do at Motukea dockyard. They use big machines like cranes, forklifts and other machines to speed up work. It is all about machines doing the job.