Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture

Gov’t Recognizes Local Artists

An impressed Minister for Tourism Arts and Culture, Isi Henry Leonard said, presented them with certificates and was happy to have met the artists in person.

He congratulated them and urged the artists to continue to tell their stories through their paintings and artworks whilst the government find ways to promote and help them develop their talents locally and internationally.

Tourism, agri way forward for EHP: Minister

Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Emil Tammur, pledged to promote the province at the recent 2018 Goroka Show.

Minister Tammur opened the 62nd Annual Goroka Show on Saturday in front of thousands of people, including 150 cultural groups from across PNG and more than 1,000 tourists.

He said we have the right to determine what sort of economic developments we want for ourselves on our land, and we must use these birthrights to embrace tourism and agriculture developments as real sustainable industries.

Tammur to introduce new culture

With years of experience in the private sector, Tammur said he will instill timeliness and constant reporting to ensure government priorities are implemented.

Tammur said this when speaking during a hand-over, take-over ceremony hosted on Wednesday by the Tourism Authority Promotion (TPA) to welcome Tammur and farewell former Minister, Tobias Kulang.

He said a briefing will be held immediately where a review of policy and operational manuals will be done.