Tammur to introduce new culture

Minister for Tourism, Emil Tammur, says he will be bringing a ‘result oriented’ culture to the three agencies under his portfolio.

With years of experience in the private sector, Tammur said he will instill timeliness and constant reporting to ensure government priorities are implemented.

Tammur said this when speaking during a hand-over, take-over ceremony hosted on Wednesday by the Tourism Authority Promotion (TPA) to welcome Tammur and farewell former Minister, Tobias Kulang.

He said a briefing will be held immediately where a review of policy and operational manuals will be done.

The three agencies under the Ministry include TPA, the National Cultural Commission (NCC) and the National Museum and Art Gallery.

Tammur also commended Kulang on a brief yet effectible stint.

Meanwhile, Kulang told Tammur that tourism had long been forgotten but now, with the downturn in commodity prices, the government is shifting its focus to broaden its revenue base by investing in tourism.

He said tourism had the potential to generate between 10 and 20 percent of total revenue for the country.

Currently, he says it sits at just above 1 percent.

Kulang urged Tammur to also pay special attention to the NCC and the National Museum and Art Gallery, which for years had been overlooked.


Cedric Patjole