Late acting speaker Aide Ganasi

A shocking day for province, says Biyama

The only Member of Parliament representing the people of Middle Fly and Western Province as a whole, Roy Biyama, told reporters this morning that the province has lost a great leader.

Biyama said the whole province is still in shock about the death of the acting Speaker of Parliament Aide Ganasi this morning.

"We are still shocked about his death and yet to accept the fact that he is gone," says Biyama.

He described Ganasi as a true leader with a heart for the people.

PM to make statement on Member's death

South Fly MP Aide Ganasi died from a suspected heart failure.

His body is currently at the Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby.

O'Neill was accompanied by the Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch, Planning Minister Charles Abel, Trade Minister Richard Maru, Higher Education Minister Francis Marus and local Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama.

They paid their respect to the late MP a few minutes ago at PIH.

Late Ganasi was a member of the People's National Congress in this term of Parliament.

O’Neill arrives to view Ganasi’s body

He is accompanied by government ministers and other MPs.

Late Ganasi collapsed this morning and was pronounced dead at the hospital, at around 8.05am.

The hospital is yet to release the cause of his death.

After the viewing, late Ganasi’s body will be taken to his home at Waigani Heights before leaving for the funeral home.