A shocking day for province, says Biyama

It is a shocking day for the people of Western Province.

The only Member of Parliament representing the people of Middle Fly and Western Province as a whole, Roy Biyama, told reporters this morning that the province has lost a great leader.

Biyama said the whole province is still in shock about the death of the acting Speaker of Parliament Aide Ganasi this morning.

"We are still shocked about his death and yet to accept the fact that he is gone," says Biyama.

He described Ganasi as a true leader with a heart for the people.

Western Province has lately been experiencing leadership challenges as two of their MPs are facing court battles.

Their Governor Ati Wobiro is awaiting his court sentencing while North Fly MP Boka Kondra is also going through a legal battle.

Now that the South Fly MP has passed on, Biyama is the only remaining MP.

(MP Roy Biyama at PIH this morning)

Freddy Mou