Kivori To Get New Road

Kivori road project chairman, Francis Hau, said since 2021, the villagers started building the road using knives, axes and spades to build a 12.7-kilometer road.

He said the people took the initiative to build the road with assistance from Kivori Town community and villages working together to help build the road.

He said the additional assistance from Central Governor, Robert Agarobe, was the biggest relief for the people. The villagers requested for assistance through a submission for the new road project at a recent Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting.

Man speared to death over a pig

Allan Aiso was convicted by the Bomana National Court for the murder of George Evi on May 5, 2015 at Aipeana village, Kairuku district. He stabbed Evi on his left chest using a spear knife.

The court found that Aiso threw a spear knife at Evi (deceased) after he found him standing next to his dead pig in the garden.

All these took place in front of the deceased’s uncle, Paul Auki, whose statement was used as evidence by the state in prosecuting Aiso.

​Baton beats path through colourful Kairuku

Flying in from Tapini via helicopter this morning, the Baton continued from Bereina station being welcomed by hundreds of excited students and traditional dancers swaying in their grass skirts to the beat of their kundu drums.

There, CEO of Kairuku, Victor Tsinabi officially welcomed the team.

He said it was an honour for the people of Kairuku to be a part of history.

From there, the Baton was passed on to the runners to take it out of the station and onto the trans highway.