​Baton beats path through colourful Kairuku

The Oil Search Pacific Games Relay today passed through Kairuku district in the Central Province in what is its final stages of the Raunim PNG tour.

Flying in from Tapini via helicopter this morning, the Baton continued from Bereina station being welcomed by hundreds of excited students and traditional dancers swaying in their grass skirts to the beat of their kundu drums.

There, CEO of Kairuku, Victor Tsinabi officially welcomed the team.

He said it was an honour for the people of Kairuku to be a part of history.

From there, the Baton was passed on to the runners to take it out of the station and onto the trans highway.

Students, prominent businessmen and athletes from the area were all given the chance to carry the Baton.

The Baton passed through several villages including Inauaia and Biotou where more students lined the road to welcome the Baton and Relay Team.

The handover takeover of the Baton at Hisiu village was done with a colourful display of dancing and more singing.

The Baton continues its journey to Sogeri tomorrow morning.