Independent Commission Against Corruption

ICAC still in infant stage

Chairman of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Thomas Eluh has urged that everyone exercise caution not to engage ICAC to start investigations of serious systemic corruption conduct cases, without consideration of its capacity.

“At this stage we are still establishing systems and processes in our endeavor to establish ICAC proper.

“Once ICAC is fully operational with the three Commissioners are on board, it will start investigating public officials based on complaints as well as on its initiative,” he added.

ICAC Senior Appointments Set For January

He said they will be contracting a reputable recruitment agency to collect expressions of interest and short listing of applicants, then an independent interview panel will perform the interviews.

Mr Eluh said from the interviews, three candidates would be shortlisted for each role to be recommended to the ICAC Appointment Committee.

He explained that the process involved in the appointment of the ICAC Commissioner and deputies has seven stages.

Costly issue of corruption yet to be tackled: CBC

The ongoing and costly issue of corruption is still not being addressed in any meaningful way.

In a press briefing on Friday, the Catholic Bishops Conference queried the progress on the proposed Independent Commission Against Corruption.   

President of CBC and Bishop of Kavieng, Bishop Rochus Tatamai, said the only ones benefiting from the delay in implementing this are the corrupt. He questioned when this culture of impunity will end.

He further highlighted the ongoing issue of the collapse of partnership in education and health.