ICAC Senior Appointments Set For January

The interim chairman of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Thomas Eluh has informed the Government that the appointment process of the ICAC Commissioner and two deputies starts in January 2022.

He said they will be contracting a reputable recruitment agency to collect expressions of interest and short listing of applicants, then an independent interview panel will perform the interviews.

Mr Eluh said from the interviews, three candidates would be shortlisted for each role to be recommended to the ICAC Appointment Committee.

He explained that the process involved in the appointment of the ICAC Commissioner and deputies has seven stages.

  1. Planning, Preparation and Endorsement
  2. Publication of Expression of Interests
  3. Vetting and Shortlisting of Online Applications
  4. Independent interview panel
  5. Psychometric assessment, reference checking and fit and proper persons test
  6. Vote and decision by ICAC Committee
  7. Appointment

“The seven stages in the appointment process of recruiting the Commissioner and deputies provides a clear process that necessitates integrity and a merit based process, which as much as possible removes human elements in the recruitment process.

“As the appointment process extends overseas and in country in all aspects, this requires proper and adequate funding on its own,” Mr Eluh said.

He said ICAC will need additional funding by 2022, apart from the national budget appropriation of K5 million, which he said can only cater for the day to day operations of the interim ICAC Office to continue to establish the ICAC proper.

Mr Eluh said another identified costing to consider for additional funding is an office space or complex to house the Commissioner, deputies and the anticipated staff recruitment, which will follow suit.

The interim ICAC Office is currently undergoing this task and is in dialogue with the Government Office Allocation Committee Secretariat.

Freddy Mou