Chinese Arrested For Non Compliance

In a joint investigation by Immigration and Police, the foreigner was arrested after police and the Immigration special investigations team received reports of the foreigner engaging in disreputable conduct.

This is the same foreigner that was alleged to have used PNG nationals as directors and shareholders when setting up companies with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA).

Minister Nukundj warns ICA officers

Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Wesley Nukundj raised this in a public statement released by his office today.

Nukundj is concerned about the security of the investigation team, that’s looking into the fake visa syndicate.

He said the team must be protected at all times.

His statement follows the cancelling of a recent trip by the joint operation team to Central and Gulf provinces.

Minister Nukundj also said any ad hoc operation that interferes with potential suspects or jeopardizes the investigation will not be tolerated.

ICA gets tough on foreign entries

Chief Migration Officer, Solomon Kantha, said ICA is proud to be one of the agencies at the forefront of APEC activities.

“And we stand ready to play our part in hosting a successful APEC 2018.”

Kantha said they will be very strict in people coming and going out of the country during the APEC week.

In doing so, he said the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority has prevented a foreign national, who had historical convictions for sexual assault of a child, from entering Papua New Guinea.