Chinese Arrested For Non Compliance

A Chinese national was arrested and charged with failing to comply with her visa obligations.

In a joint investigation by Immigration and Police, the foreigner was arrested after police and the Immigration special investigations team received reports of the foreigner engaging in disreputable conduct.

This is the same foreigner that was alleged to have used PNG nationals as directors and shareholders when setting up companies with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA).

Chief Migration Officer, Stanis Hulahau, said: “Our team responded to an earlier newspaper report about a PNG woman being used by foreigners as a conduit to set up companies and, based on that report, our team conducted surveillance and intelligence gathering and finally apprehended the concerned foreigner."

"I appeal to foreigners to not abuse our citizens and respect our domestic laws while in the country. All foreigners are accorded full protection of the law whilst in PNG, but should your conduct infringe on established laws, you will be subject to prosecution.” 

As investigations continue, other foreign nationals involved in this racket will also be investigated and formally arrested.

Freddy Mou