Minister Nukundj warns ICA officers

The team that is currently carrying out a highly classified investigation into fake visas, must be protected at all times, until all suspects are apprehended.

Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Wesley Nukundj raised this in a public statement released by his office today.

Nukundj is concerned about the security of the investigation team, that’s looking into the fake visa syndicate.

He said the team must be protected at all times.

His statement follows the cancelling of a recent trip by the joint operation team to Central and Gulf provinces.

Minister Nukundj also said any ad hoc operation that interferes with potential suspects or jeopardizes the investigation will not be tolerated.

Meantime, a recent operation carried out in Kerema, Gulf province, by members of the participating agencies, was called off, after the team rounded up some suspects.

One of the officers then called the Minister out on social media Facebook, for allegedly giving directions to stand down and return to Port Moresby.

However, the Minister stated that past records have shown that officers have abused foreigners, and interfered with witnesses.

He now says he will be registering an official complaint with police, regarding the Facebook post, to have those responsible charged under the cybercrime laws.

Meantime, Minister Nukundj also explained that he has no personal interest to stop any investigations, but the PNG Immigration & Citizenship Authority, will be summoned to show cause on the utility of this operation.

He also said the interest of national security is paramount and as such all future engagements will be sanctioned by his office and all investigations will be conducted by the Special Investigations Taskforce Team.

Freddy Mou