Helen Macindoe

More people will be able to play: CPNG

CPNG chairperson, Helen Macindoe, made the statement after the announcement of the sponsorship agreement with the airline on Wednesday.

The partnership between Cricket PNG and PNG Air basically means that more people will be able to play.

CPNG chairperson, Helen Macindoe, said this makes the building of 48 wickets around the country more exciting.

“And one of our objectives is to lift the profile of cricket in the country,” she said. “And the partnership with PNG Air will certainly help that.

Macindoe reappointed Cricket PNG chairperson

The AGM was held on Tuesday, 5th June, at the CPNG Office.

Macindoe has held this position for the past twelve months. She was reappointed into the same position, along with Paul Kiruwi (Treasurer), Justin McGann (Infrastructure & Development Director) and Dean Ani (Affiliated Associations Representative).

“I would like to thank all the CPNG affiliated associations and life members for nominating me, to continue as the chair of Cricket PNG,” said Macindoe.