More people will be able to play: CPNG

Cricket PNG’s recently announced 48 wickets program will be realised with the support of PNG Air.

CPNG chairperson, Helen Macindoe, made the statement after the announcement of the sponsorship agreement with the airline on Wednesday.

The partnership between Cricket PNG and PNG Air basically means that more people will be able to play.

CPNG chairperson, Helen Macindoe, said this makes the building of 48 wickets around the country more exciting.

“And one of our objectives is to lift the profile of cricket in the country,” she said. “And the partnership with PNG Air will certainly help that.

“This will enable our coaches and our ID talent staff and umpires to travel to other places.

“It will allow the cricketers, our current association which is in Popondetta, Lae and Alotau to come into Port Moresby, play in tournaments and also partake in the cricket academy here for intense training.

“And also our national team will be able to fly out to all the places.”

All these activities will not only lift Cricket PNG’s profile but also increase the level of participation in the code.

The two-year sponsorship deal was announced on September 5th.

(CPNG chairperson, Helen Macindoe)


Carmella Gware