Gumine Open

Gamato comes clear on using deceased’s name

Gamato said it was misquotation on their part.

He said the Electoral Commission is now working on a media statement to correct the name of the returning officer and will retract his statement.

Gamato’s misquotation has however, resulted in a court order that is currently in place, preventing both Nick Kuman and Lukas Dekena from participating in parliament until the case is determined. 

Gamato approved a dead man’s signature

This major blunder resulted in the attendance of two members-elect from Gumine Open, Simbu Province, in parliament yesterday.

The Electoral Commissioner accepted the Gumine Open writ, declaring sitting MP, Nick Kuman (People’s National Congress Party candidate), Member of Gumine.    

On the other hand, Lucas Dekena, who entered the chamber but did not sign the Declaration of Loyalty Form, claimed he was cheated.