Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta

Gulf Increase GST Collections

Gulf Governor said when he became Governor in 2017, GST collections were well below K1 million.

Currently GST collections for 2021 stand at over K4 million.

Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta, thanked the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) for assisting them increase GST collections for the Province.

He said there has been a drastic improvement with the Provincial Government seeing a rise in GST collections.

Haiveta calls for water reports

Governor Haiveta said the Environment Health Assessment Report has taken longer than anticipated to be released.

He said officials from NARI and NAQIA had taken laboratory samples over a month ago and yet, there is no report.

Haiveta also followed up with the Health Department and the World Health Organization but to no avail.

“As the Governor of the Province who has requested for this environment assessment report, I am totally unhappy about the delay and call on NAQIA and NARI to explain why this vital information finding has taken longer than anticipated.

K165m budget approved for Gulf

This include airstrips and feeder roads in districts and LLGs.

Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta said the budget yesterday is framed along the theme ‘Restore Governance, Strengthen Institutions and Improve Government Services in Health, Education and Infrastructure’.

Governor Haiveta said one of the main priorities under the budget is to reopen important links costing over K50 million, the highest allocation.

Haiveta responds to leadership tribunal statement

Governor Haiveta said the statements by the AG were unbecoming of a leader, improper and was an attempted interference in the roles of independent legal entities.

He also said the statements were preposterous and he does not believe there was a case to answer to.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Steven, was quoted in one of the dailies last week saying the leadership tribunal could be reconvened and the charges revived and that Haiveta was still bound by law to answer to the charges.

No landowner to claim sea project

The Gas Field development by Twinza Oil Limited, which lies nearly 100 kilometres offshore from the Gulf Provincial coastline, is currently undergoing negotiations.

Haiveta made the comments following the recent flaring of the Pasca A4 Gas Condensate Well.

When queried over potential issues that may be raised by locals over ownership, Governor Haiveta said the project is well out of the local fishing boundary.

“The project is nearly 100km. Which Gulf man in his right mind will paddle all the way out 100 kilometres and claim it belongs to them?