Haiveta responds to leadership tribunal statement

Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta has expressed disappointment over comments by Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Davis Steven, that he may still answer to a leadership tribunal over a decade ago.

Governor Haiveta said the statements by the AG were unbecoming of a leader, improper and was an attempted interference in the roles of independent legal entities.

He also said the statements were preposterous and he does not believe there was a case to answer to.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Steven, was quoted in one of the dailies last week saying the leadership tribunal could be reconvened and the charges revived and that Haiveta was still bound by law to answer to the charges.

In a media conference today, Governor Haiveta said he was disappointed with the AG’s comments.

The Leadership Tribunal against Haiveta was instituted in 2007 after 28 counts of misconduct in office allegations were levelled against him.

The tribunal, headed by the late Justice Timothy Hinchliffe, had been adjourned from May 23 to August 6 2007, as they were on the eve of the 2007 National Elections. Haiveta lost the seat and only returned to Parliament last year.

He said in the decade after exiting Parliament, he held numerous senior public roles with confirmation from the Ombudsman Commission then that he had no case to answer to.

Haiveta maintains his innocence of any wrongdoing, however said even if he was found guilty, any recommended dismissal from office would have no bearing because he has been out of politics for the last decade.

The Governor said he will vigorously challenge any move to revive the tribunal against him.

(Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta)

Cedric Patjole