Gulf Increase GST Collections

The Gulf Province has significantly increased its Goods & Services Tax with the assistance of the Internal Revenue Commission.

Gulf Governor said when he became Governor in 2017, GST collections were well below K1 million.

Currently GST collections for 2021 stand at over K4 million.

Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta, thanked the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) for assisting them increase GST collections for the Province.

He said there has been a drastic improvement with the Provincial Government seeing a rise in GST collections.

“When I came in our GST was about K900, 000 in 2017 and 2018. Through the compliance work and the cooperation that you (IRC) afforded us and assisted us with we are now around K4.26 million for this year,” said Governor Haiveta.

“Our tax base is about 2000 tax payers, those are your clients, so I believe your first priority is to assist us to ensure that they pay tax and also to assist us with the economic activities that the provincial government itself is generating through the SME program, that we have going now, together with the other agencies of government.”

Haiveta urged the IRC to conduct proper monitoring of multinational companies operating in the province given the increased economic activity set to begin with major resources projects coming on board.

He also thanked the IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim for announcing the de-grouping exercise.

“I welcome the announcement by the Commissioner General that de-grouping will be taking place. I welcome that as a province who has lost a lot on terms of getting GST and other revenue in taxes that are collected here.” 

Cedric Patjole