Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare

Sir Michael unveils second plaque at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium

Under the drizzle, witnessed by some residents, cultural groups, students from Sogeri National high school and Badihagwa secondary school and media, he walked the field that holds deep history, one more time.

It was here, 42 years ago, the Australian flag was lowered and the PNG flag raised. On September 16, 1975, Sir Michael announced the independence of Papua New Guinea.

The plaque, presented by the NCD Governor Powes Parkop, commemorates the Grand Chief’s long distinguished service in the country’s politics.

Somare unveils plaque to mark self-government

There, he was given a final walk to the “cabinet room” where a handful of elite Papua New Guineans then sat, brainstormed ideas and pushed for Independence.

As Chief Minister during self-government, Sir Michael gathered a few young men to push this agenda.

He is proud to visit this building again before he retires.

“I have great pleasure in coming here. It was in my young days I stepped on this step when I took over from the last Australian colonial administrators,” said Sir Michael.

“There is a cabinet room inside where Independence of PNG was achieved.”

Sir Michael’s farewell begins

Sir Michael and Lady Veronica were escorted for the last time from his office, then to the grand Hall and outside to the carpark where he was given a guard of honour.

Not many turned up, only for the parliamentary staff, some mothers and the media.

The program continues as the motorcade makes its way down to Sir Hubert Murray for the NCD Governor Powes Parkop's program.

Unfortunately, the program at the Constitutional Park has been canceled.

More to come....

Hela Gimbu thanks Somare

HGB chairman Damien Arabagali thanked the country’s first prime minister and wished him good health in his retirement from politics.      

Arabagali in a media conference this morning also paid tribute to Lady Veronica and the people of East Sepik for supporting Sir Michael in his 49 years in politics.  

He said the National Alliance Party headed by Sir Michael who was then prime minister kept the parties commitment gaining new provinces for Hela and Jiwaka.

Polye apologises to Sir Michael over political impasse

Polye was a member of the National Alliance Party who rebelled against party leader and then Prime Minister Sir Michael when he was seeking medical treatment overseas.

“Instead of me being the acting prime minister, Sam Abel was appointed the acting prime minister and I was very angry with that.

“Enga politics took a better part of me, and Peter O’Neill and Belden Namah became the Prime Minister and I apologise for that,” Polye said.

Ambassador Rai reflects on Chief Somare’s life in politics

Below is a reflection of Papua New Guinea’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Max Rai.

“It’s like yesterday, when I first met Sir Michael as a child in my elder sister’s family home in Wewak.

“My in-law, Paul Kafafi was a well-known radio Wewak announcer, and a work mate of Michael Somare, the aspiring candidate for The East Sepik Regional Seat, challenging an established Australian businessman and Member of the House of Assembly, Frank Martin.

Sir Michael Somare to speak at Pangu Pati fundraiser

Papua New Guinea’s first prime minister was a member of the famous Bully Beef Club whom formed the Papua and New Guinea (Pangu) Pati in the late 1960s, and drove the idea of self-government from Australia.   

Sir Michael will retire from politics at the end of this parliament term.

The fundraising dinner in the Morobe capital will also commemorate one of the country’s oldest parties, 50th anniversary.

Current party leader and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil said despite not having the business support, the fundraiser will be held as scheduled.

Any recognition for retired founding fathers?

Sinesine-Yongomugl MP, Kerenga Kua, said Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, who is retiring after more than 40 years in politics, and former leader Sir Peter Lus, who also served around 40 years in politics, deserve recognition as a form of “luksave” according to PNG custom.

Bai yumi gat sampla spesol luksave igo long Sir Peter Lus na Sir Michael Somare taim em ba pinis long displa term or nogat?

Koim welcomes Singapore’s court decision

Koim said the decision is remarkable and a landmark decision where a foreign court for the first time investigated a case without PNG investigators asking them to probe that particular case.

He told Loop PNG that this was not the first case and many people have been implicated in it.

Koim said his team is aware of funds destined to the PNG Government but distributed offshore, but have difficulty in working with foreign jurisdictions to successfully start the investigation.

Fair distribution will unite this nation, says Somare

Papua New Guinea’s first Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, made these comments when addressing people who attended the National Party dinner in Port Moresby last week.                            

“It is true that some provinces desire more autonomous provincial governments but we will remain a united Papua New Guinea if our leadership continues to equitably distribute our country’s wealth and provide better standards of service to our people.