Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil

Basil asks about security features on ballot papers

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made this response in response to series of questions from Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil, today in Parliament.   

“Mr Speaker, I will get the Electoral Commissioner to put a public advertisement on his decision about printing and election dates,” O’Neill said.

“Electoral Commissioner must be transparent and accountable to the people of Papua New Guinea so everybody is aware of how he is conducting the elections.”

Bulolo road work needs immediate attention: Basil

Basil questioned Works Minister Francis Awesa of the delay in maintenance of the bridge which is affecting travelling public and also businesses in his Bulolo District and neighbouring Menyamya District.    

The road link is used by Hidden Valley Mine, Zenag Chicken, Bulolo Forest Products and also soon to open Wafi-Golpu Mine to Morobe Province capital, Lae.

He added that Nagalimu connecting Wau – Bulolo is yet to be upgraded 6 months on and the Warabung Bridge between Wampit and Timini Villages is still not fixed after been washed away last week.  

Media must ask Government on outstanding legislation

He questioned why the National Government is rushing to pass the Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections, to amend the 2017 National Election dates and fees when other legislations of national importance are being neglected.

Basil told Loop PNG, the media must do a follow up on the overdue passage of the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates, Independent Commission Against Corruption Bill (ICAC) and others.

Election of GG’s post politically motivated: Basil

Basil, who is the local Bulolo MP, said the writing is already on the wall.

He told Loop PNG that the O’Neill – Dion Government have the majority numbers in Parliament and had used that to bulldoze laws to suit their political interest in this term, and the Governor-General’s post will be no different.

Basil said, any appeal by the Opposition for a neutral person to be the country’s head of state will not be heard because it’s becoming a waste of time.

Businesses scared to support Opposition: Basil

The local Bulolo MP, who heads one of the country’s oldest political parties - Papua and New Guinea Pati (Pangu) made this comment today.

Basil told Loop PNG despite not many business houses purchasing tables for Pangu’s fundraising dinner in Lae, the fundraiser will still be held on Saturday.

“Many business houses are scared to support parties in the Opposition,” the Pangu parliamentary leader said.

“Also the bad economy situation is making it hard for businesses to support such fundraisers.” 

Sir Michael Somare to speak at Pangu Pati fundraiser

Papua New Guinea’s first prime minister was a member of the famous Bully Beef Club whom formed the Papua and New Guinea (Pangu) Pati in the late 1960s, and drove the idea of self-government from Australia.   

Sir Michael will retire from politics at the end of this parliament term.

The fundraising dinner in the Morobe capital will also commemorate one of the country’s oldest parties, 50th anniversary.

Current party leader and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil said despite not having the business support, the fundraiser will be held as scheduled.

Basil: Issue of Writs deferral must be questioned

He also reminded citizens that speculation about the role of the National Executive Council (NEC) in determining changes to laws regarding elections are limited to suggestions or recommendations to Parliament. On advice from NEC, Parliament then assesses the bills on their merits before voting for or against.

Basil is strongly urging Papua New Guineans to get involved and understand the importance of parliamentary processes.

Basil concerned over proposed election law changes

Basil questioned the role and official obligation of the PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato in independently overseeing the success of general elections.

“Mr Gamato must be able to explain his organisation’s original advice and submission to the National Executive Council (NEC) that has provided the inspiration for these major proposed changes to PNG’s election laws,” says Basil.

Only Parliament can change election dates: Basil

The local Bulolo MP told a press conference in Port Moresby that, this week’s announcement of the deferral of a major constitutional event, such as the issue of writs is illegal.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato was quoted in The National newspaper that the dates for the issue of writs may be deferred to May 20 because of legislations before Parliament.   

The date for the 2017 National Elections issue of writs is April 20 and July 24 is the return of writs.

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