Damien Arabagali

Hela gives ultimatum to SHP leaders

The incident occurred along the Imbonggu road in Southern Highlands.

The Hela leaders gathered today in Port Moresby and shared their grievances, saying the military style ambush and killing of police officers, and wounding of another officer along with two teachers, was a terrifying action.

The leaders said such an action requires a full scale operation to bring the killers to face the full force of the law.

Hela Gimbu Association chairman Damien Arabagali condemned such an act, describing it as barbaric and preplanned murder.

Hela Gimbu thanks Somare

HGB chairman Damien Arabagali thanked the country’s first prime minister and wished him good health in his retirement from politics.      

Arabagali in a media conference this morning also paid tribute to Lady Veronica and the people of East Sepik for supporting Sir Michael in his 49 years in politics.  

He said the National Alliance Party headed by Sir Michael who was then prime minister kept the parties commitment gaining new provinces for Hela and Jiwaka.

Hela people call on Dion to visit province

They said this has led to the recent call-out by the government.

Hela Gimbu Association Inc chairman Damien Arabagali said Sir Leo as the Minister responsible must take the lead and visit the new province.

“Why is the Deputy Prime Minister not visiting the province? We are calling on him to visit the new province and experience what life is in the province rather than staying in Port Moresby.

“If he doesn’t visit the province, he must resign and let others take over from him,” says Arabagali.