Polye apologises to Sir Michael over political impasse

Opposition Leader Don Polye apologised to Sir Michael Somare in Parliament today on what happened during the political impasse in 2011.

Polye was a member of the National Alliance Party who rebelled against party leader and then Prime Minister Sir Michael when he was seeking medical treatment overseas.

“Instead of me being the acting prime minister, Sam Abel was appointed the acting prime minister and I was very angry with that.

“Enga politics took a better part of me, and Peter O’Neill and Belden Namah became the Prime Minister and I apologise for that,” Polye said.

He was giving the opposition’s farewell speech for the country’s first Prime Minister, Sir Michael, who retires from politics after 49 years.   

 Polye who was groomed by Sir Michael praised his mentor.   

“Parliament and the people of Papua New Guinea will miss his leadership.

“I will miss Sir Michael and Lady Veronica personally.

“Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare is source of my pride in a humble way.

“His moulder and builder of other leaders, not a destroyer of leadership,” Polye said.   

 The Kandep MP and Opposition Leader was endorsed by National Alliance under the leadership of Sir Michael when he won the Kandep Open Seat in 2002.

 Polye served under Sir Michael’s Government in different ministerial portfolios and also as the country’s Deputy Prime Minister twice.


(Picture by Cedric Patjole)

Charles Yapumi