Micronesian leaders united in decision to withdraw from Forum

Palau has already commenced with the process.  

A statement released today said the five Presidents of Micronesia will honour the Mekreos Communique and withdraw from the Forum as stated in a joint communique released also released today.

The leaders of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Kiribati and the Republic of the Marshall Islands met virtually yesterday (Monday).

According to the statement, Nauru President Lionel Aingimea “believes the Forum has lost its original intent to be a regional body and what the Forum was originally set up to do.”

Islands move quickly on Covid-19 vaccine outreach

On a per capita basis, the islands have higher vaccine rates than many states in the US, said the Marshall Islands Health Secretary in Majuro.

In the first 10 days since receiving a small number of doses to start, the Marshall Islands injected first vaccines to over 600 healthcare workers and front line government employees who work in sea and airports.

The US government is providing the Moderna brand Covid-19 vaccines to the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau.

Divers retrieve aircraft's Flight Data Recorder

The Recorders will be transported to Port Moresby's AIC laboratory for data downloading and analysis.

Minister Manasseh further stated that the aircraft is on the seabed 30 meters below the surface of the Chuuk Lagoon.

“Due to the contamination of the water from leaking aircraft fuel, the search of the aircraft had been delayed until the contamination dispersed to a level safe for the divers.”

The diving will continue on Wednesday to recover the Cockpit voice recorder and other recording devices from the aircraft.

O'Neill calls for unity among PIF nations

Speaking as the outgoing chairman of the Pacific Island Forum at the 47th PIF summit in the Federated States of Micronesia, O’Neill also addressed the leaders on the progress the group had made in the past year since the 2015 forum in Port Moresby.

He also spoke of the impact climate change may have on the Pacific Islands and called on global leaders to come together in combating the challenge.

“Climate change is more than an environmental issue – it is an economic and political issue as well.

Fisheries sector tops PIF’s agenda

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who arrived in FSM today said another significant sectors to be discussed also is the issue of climate change and extreme weather.

O’Neill said he expects the economic returns from the fisheries sector to improve through the work undertaken by the Pacific Islands Forum.

“Excellent work is being undertaken by the Fisheries Task Force through cooperation at a regional level,” O’Neill said from Pohnpei in a statement.

Air Niugini commences services to FSM

To test the market, three special flights have been planned to operate to FSM before the scheduled passenger services commence.

The first of the three special flights operated on Thursday, Sept 1, from Port Moresby to Chuuk and later Pohnpei before returning to Port Moresby.

It took 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach Chuuk and an hour across to Pohnpei before coming back to Pom.

Air Niugini commences services to Federated States of Micronesia

Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Mr Simon Foo made the announcement this afternoon following a meeting last week with FSM’s Assistant Secretary for Civil Aviation, Mr Massey Halbert.

Mr Foo said Air Niugini will start initially with three special flights to Chuuk and Pohnpei , two of the four states in FSM. These flights are scheduled to operate on September 01st,  07th and 10th, which coincides with a meeting of Pacific Island leaders in FSM.

PNG and FSM sign aviation agreement

PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and FSM President Peter Christian put ink to paper tonight paving the way for both countries airlines to conclude the arrangement.

O’Neill said the agreement is “historic and the airlines will open up opportunities for our people.”

Christian praised his PNG counterpart and challenged all Pacific Island countries to share their resources and help each other.

“The signing of the agreement shows that prime minister, its true you will be sharing your resource with your neighbors.”