O'Neill calls for unity among PIF nations

​Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has highlighted the need for action in protecting our oceans and maintaining the health of vital fisheries in the Pacific.

Speaking as the outgoing chairman of the Pacific Island Forum at the 47th PIF summit in the Federated States of Micronesia, O’Neill also addressed the leaders on the progress the group had made in the past year since the 2015 forum in Port Moresby.

He also spoke of the impact climate change may have on the Pacific Islands and called on global leaders to come together in combating the challenge.

“Climate change is more than an environmental issue – it is an economic and political issue as well.

“Climate change is destroying communities and costing jobs and displacing many of our people,” he said.

He also spoke highly of Pacific regionalism and told the PIF leaders that as small and remote nations, they are the strongest when they can work together on common goals.

“Global pressures affect all island nations. The (economic) slow down affects tourism, and demand for non-resource commodities. But we must continue to work together, think smarter and be sensible in our economic decisions so that our growth continues.”

O’Neill concluded by passing the PIF chair to the host nation president His Exellency President Peter Christian.

The five day 47th PIF forum will end tomorrow, Sept 11, 2016.

The annual meeting brings together leaders of the Pacific Island nations to work together on collective responses to regional challenges.


Picture courtesy of PMs Media

Freddy Mou