French workers get 'right to disconnect' from emails out of hours

The new law, which has been dubbed the "right to disconnect", comes into force on 1 January.

Companies with more than 50 workers will be obliged to draw up a charter of good conduct, setting out the hours when staff are not supposed to send or answer emails.

France has a working week of 35 hours, in place since 2000.

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PM O’Neill: Papua New Guineans have been the Perfect FIFA Hosts

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has praised the public’s participation at the FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup Tournament that ended in Port Moresby on Saturday.

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France disappointed over defeat in FIFA U20 WWC grand final

Coach Gilles Eyquem said after the game that it was a disappointment and unfortunately they were not able to do what was needed to fight to win the game.

“Our team had no energy left in the second half.

“The Korean team was very good with good quality players who were really intense in their attack and defensive side.”

Eyquem admitted that they lacked what they had against Japan which was a compact defense to prevent the opponent to move forward to score goals.

“We did move forward but tonight it was complicated, we had some faults in our defensive side.”

French duo Chavas and Cascarino commended for awards

Chavas received the Adidas Golden Glove award for her outstanding performance as goalie and Cascarino grabbed the Adidas Bronze Ball award.

Coach Gilles Eyquem said, after their 3-1 loss against Korea DPR in the final on Saturday, that the two players really deserved the awards.

“They should have no regrets missing out on lifting the trophy because they gave their best.

“But it was not enough as Korea was just the strongest team.

“Delphine should have had more time to recover during the competition but we had really big games and needed her,” Eyquem said.

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Korea DPR did it!

It is done! Korea DPR have achieved their goal in the FIFA U20 Women's World Cup.

Harmony commits to K12m exploration program

Japan takes out bronze at FIFA U20 WWC

They defeated the United States 1-0 in front of a crowd of 8098 supporters.

Japan's victory goal was scored by forward Mami Ueno three minutes to full-time.

After over 20 attempted goals through the 86 minutes of play, Ueno scored in the penalty box, sweeping a clear shot from the right and finding the top left corner of the net.

This was Ueno's fifth goal overall in the tournament.

Japan, in white and blue, dominated the game, having 63 percent ball possession.

FIFA grand final a few hours away!

It will be an Asian and European showdown with France, the debutants, ready to fight against the more experienced Korea DPR.

After defeating USA in the major semifinal playoff on Tuesday, Korea DPR coach Hwang Yongbong said it was their goal to snatch the trophy of the tournament, and they will fulfil that goal.

However, after seeing France, who stunned Japan in extra time of the second semifinal match, coach Yongbong said it will be an interesting grand final match as they both had won the berth in extra time played.

Japan and USA set for bronze playoff

The match will kick off at 4pm today in front of an expected sellout crowd at the 15,000 seating National Football Stadium.

Japan and USA will come out strong, aiming to take home the bronze medal after missing out on qualifying for the final on Tuesday in the semis against France and Korea DPR respectively.

It will be a tough encounter between the Asian and North American sides after a hard-fought battle and going to extra time in the semis.

But it will be an exciting and entertaining match and fans will be out in numbers to support.

France seeking revenge in debut

“Korea has a good technique and tactics of football, and playing against a more experienced side is challenging but interesting as we will do our best to make our supporters and country proud,” coach Eyquem said when during the grand finalists’ press conference.

He added that there will only be one winner and France would like to be that winner in the tournament.

“Korea, being three times through to the finals in the U17 twice and U20 in the 2012 world cup, we hope to do our best.”

France stuns Japan with 2-1 victory

It was nil all in the 90 minutes of playing time as the two teams proceeded into extra time. This was when France scored their double in the first half to safeguard their victory.

Four minutes into the second half, France forward runner Marion Romanelli chipped a fine cross that found striker Clara Mateo's head for their first goal.

Right after the restart, France moved in again for their second goal through Juliane Gathrat, who scooped the ball in from a loose ball that came off Japan's clearance in the goalmouth.