France disappointed over defeat in FIFA U20 WWC grand final

France was disappointed over the 3-1 loss against Korea DPR for the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup trophy on Saturday.

Coach Gilles Eyquem said after the game that it was a disappointment and unfortunately they were not able to do what was needed to fight to win the game.

“Our team had no energy left in the second half.

“The Korean team was very good with good quality players who were really intense in their attack and defensive side.”

Eyquem admitted that they lacked what they had against Japan which was a compact defense to prevent the opponent to move forward to score goals.

“We did move forward but tonight it was complicated, we had some faults in our defensive side.”

He said by participating in the tournament, they had the opportunity to play with wonderful teams like Germany, Japan and Korea DPR.

The coach added that it was a rich experience for the players.

Eyquem thanked the fans for the tremendous support throughout the tournament and said they’re disappointed over the loss as they let the fans down.

France finished second in the overall tournament behind Korea DPR. Japan finished in third place and USA in fourth place. 

Quintina Naime