Failepou Peni

Efforts in PNG fashion tourism praised

In one way or the other, PNG’s fashion industry could be described this way.

It is struggling, but surely making progress and this has not gone unnoticed.

Fey Penni, regional and internationally known designers, has praised the efforts of PNG Fashion and Design Week 2017 for their commitment into this industry, despite little government support and relevant agencies responsible for tourism industry in the country.

In an attempt to build the industry, PNG Fashion and Design Week 2017 has been holding workshops to impart fashion skills to interested locals.

11yo plans entry on fashion week

Among women who were much older than her, young Adrea Wesley’s interest in clothes design proved that fashion is an industry with so much life and potential.

This year, she has resurfaced with news that she hopes to showcase her designs on the stage of PNG Fashion Week 2017.

Andrea wishes to pursue this goal after she was challenged by the founder of Pacific Runway Fashion, Failepou Peni, an invited guest to the fashion week 2016.

Business knowledge vital to be a Successful Designer

This was the strong message to emerging designers by Pacific Runway Fashion director, Failepou Peni, during her visit last week, as guest to the inaugural PNG Fashion Week.

With 35 years of experience up her sleeve in the fashion industry, Ms Peni knew enough, to advice participants of the three day workshop staged by PNGFW.

Peni and the local women identified non-accessibility to many things including market platform and quality materials as a common hindrance.

In this regard, she stressed on online marketing as the perfect platform to do business.

Partnership to lift profile of PNG fashion

Founder and director of Pacific Runway Fashion, Failepou Peni today announced the partnership of the two bodies.

Pacific Runway Fashion, staged annually in Australia, was formed to recognise and give a prestigious platform for designers of the Pacific at large, also to put a mark on its Australian Fashion Calendar. 

Director Peni said, the partnership now means that PNG designers, through PNGFW, automatically secure a place on this platform.