Efforts in PNG fashion tourism praised

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

In one way or the other, PNG’s fashion industry could be described this way.

It is struggling, but surely making progress and this has not gone unnoticed.

Fey Penni, regional and internationally known designers, has praised the efforts of PNG Fashion and Design Week 2017 for their commitment into this industry, despite little government support and relevant agencies responsible for tourism industry in the country.

In an attempt to build the industry, PNG Fashion and Design Week 2017 has been holding workshops to impart fashion skills to interested locals.

Fey Penni, currently in the country, is one of designers invited by PNG Fashion and Design Week 2017.

She was involved with PNG Fashion Week in 2016 and this year was brought in by PNG Fashion and Design Week to teach fashion design in a two-day workshop. 

Emerging local designer Natasha Tamanabae also shares the same sentiment.

She sees the need for more awareness and workshops is needed to educate people. And key government institution to start supporting the fashion tourism industry which has a sleeping giant potential to support the economy in the near future.

Janet Sios, PNGFDW director said the country has a lot to offer to the international fashion industry market.

She says the PNGFDW’s purpose is to create a platform so ordinary Papua New Guineans can develop their own brand and make their income using this platform.

She said the other Pacific Islanders are making their mark in the fashion industry, it’s time PNG must make a stand to promote our rich culture and harness them into the contemporary fashion and design industry which is the next big thing.

Gloria Bauai