PNG Fashion Week 2016

Countdown to first-ever PNGFW runway begins!

In a few hours’ time, seven dynamic, young and upcoming designers will showcase their clothing line tonight at the Stanley Hotel and Suites.

The three-year journey for PNG Fashion Week is now a reality and the beginning of an even longer journey for PNG’s fashion industry.

As highlighted by PNGFW director Janet Sios, PNG has a thousand reasons to offer to the fashion and garment industry market with our tribal trend designs.

PNG Fashion Week launches official website

The website will be in full swing in time for the fashion runway this Saturday, August 20.

The runway event will be featured on the website, showcasing to the world the designs that will go onto the runway.

Ultimately, the website stands to serve the purpose of online marketing, which director Janet Sios says, has been identified as an important platform, over the workshop period.

She says the website will be used to introduce PNG designers and their respective brands and interact with interested buyers.

Partnership to lift profile of PNG fashion

Founder and director of Pacific Runway Fashion, Failepou Peni today announced the partnership of the two bodies.

Pacific Runway Fashion, staged annually in Australia, was formed to recognise and give a prestigious platform for designers of the Pacific at large, also to put a mark on its Australian Fashion Calendar. 

Director Peni said, the partnership now means that PNG designers, through PNGFW, automatically secure a place on this platform.

TPA backs fashion industry with fashion tourism concept

TPA CEO, Jerry Angus highlights the close similarities between the two industries, saying they can work along.

He says like tourism, fashion is based on culture, ultimately wants to sell, has a niche market and gives a sense of self-identity.

Speaking at the first day of workshop organised by PNG Fashion Week yesterday, the CEO pledged TPA’s support behind PNGFW’s initiative.

Fashion designers appreciate workshop

Designers Natasha Tamanabae and Eva Pokawin, who attended the first day yesterday, have already expressed satisfaction.

Natasha of Elite Fashion Club said many designers, like herself, are very busy.

“I’m satisfied with what I’m seeing on the workshop.

“Having everyone here together in one place and telling us how they can support and help us, especially Small Medium Enterprise and National Development Bank, I really appreciate it,” she said.

Natasha also highlighted the importance to be educated on Intellectual Property, a topic that will be covered today.

Impressive start to PNG Fashion week

Day one of the three-day workshop hosted at the Holiday Inn attracted participantof all ages and representatives from both government and private sectors.

Director of the PNGFW Janet Sios was particularly impressed with the speakers and turnout of participants for the first day.

“I have to say that I’m impressed because the calibre of speakers that made the time to come shows that everybody is interested about the beginning of a new era in the industry,” she said.

Platform set to promote local designers

Following from the Project Runway on July 30 that saw 10 local designers stage 71 outfits, the PNG Fashion week on August 20 will feature seven local designers.

From a designers view, these events are blessings as described by Natasha Tamanabae of Elite Fashion Club.

Tamanabae is an upcoming designer who has been making a name in the industry with her unique BAIWA brand and using these platforms to promote her brand.

“We need a platform, a place where we can sell our staff and also be recognised and also to promote PNG.

PNG Fashion Week theme – ‘Tribal Eclectic’

The desire here is to bring different aspects of the PNG culture on the runway that will go on to attract international recognition.

The event will feature seven dynamic, young and upcoming designers, who will use this platform to launch their brands, and embark down a new journey for the first time ever.

The event will start with a three-day workshop at Holiday Inn from August 17 – 19.