Easter Celebrations

City residents observe Day of Resurrection

Different denominations celebrated the Rising of Jesus Christ who died on the Cross on Good Friday and rose at dawn on Easter Sunday.

Hymns of the Resurrection of Jesus were sung in most churches in the Nation’s Capital. Songs about the Cross, the stone/tomb was rolled away, songs of Resurrection and songs of a new beginning.

GG calls for national reflection and action

Recognizing the significance of Jesus Christ's sacrifice, he emphasized the need for Papua New Guineans to embody Christian values in their daily lives.

Sir Bob highlighted the alarming breakdown of moral values worldwide and expressed concern over recent incidents of violence and lawlessness in Papua New Guinea.

No bail over long Easter weekend

Sika issued this warning during the Police Easter Operation briefing today.

Sika said police will be conducting normal police operation during the long Easter weekend which begins tomorrow and will end on Monday. Those caught during the operation will be charged, locked in a cell and will not be allowed bail until the Easter operations ends.