No bail over long Easter weekend

Outgoing NCD Metropolitan Superintend Silva Sika warned Port Moresby residents that bail will not be granted to anyone involved in illegal or criminal activities during the Easter Period.

Sika issued this warning during the Police Easter Operation briefing today.

Sika said police will be conducting normal police operation during the long Easter weekend which begins tomorrow and will end on Monday. Those caught during the operation will be charged, locked in a cell and will not be allowed bail until the Easter operations ends.

“For any crime that is committed despite being a minor crime or an alcohol abuse crime the perpetrator must be charged, and locked up until Monday,” he said.

He said Papua New Guinea is a Christian Country and every citizen should understand that Easter is an important day for them to keep it holy. Meaning that they should not use this time to take part in illegal activities, rather they must participate in church activities.

“In the means of celebrating events like this, from records people do not respect the occasion and give their time to worship our good Lord, rather many people venture into doing social activities which involve drinking alcohol and doing other unlawful things.

“This behavior is uncalled for especially when we call ourselves as Christians and not live up to the values of being a Christian,” he said.

The Met Supt added that police will be patrolling the streets of Port Moresby and provide security to churches who will be hosting their Easter activities.

Meanwhile, Sika said the liquor ban will start effectively tomorrow and will end on Monday, April 1st.

He warned that police will be on the lookout to ensure that the liquor ban is observed.

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