Dr John Niblett

Health secretary: Condolences to Dr Niblett’s family

In a statement, Secretary Pascoe Kase, responding to the news that the radiation oncologist had passed away on July 4 at the ANGAU Memorial General Hospital in Lae.

The Secretary went on to say: “Dr Niblett was the foundation of the establishment of radiation oncology services in Papua New Guinea, and committed a large part of the last 40 years in providing his services treating cancer patients from the Cancer Centre in Lae.

“Papua New Guinea was indeed fortunate to have benefitted from his valuable contribution to the community and the health system.”

PNGCF pays tribute to late Dr Niblett

The PNGCF is saddened by the passing of Dr Niblett, who was the longest serving radiation oncologist at the National Cancer Treatment Center in Lae.

Dr Niblett passed away peacefully at Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae on Tuesday evening, July 4, after suffering from a short illness.

He worked as the radiation oncologist at Angau for nearly 30 years and was also one of the original PNG Cancer Foundation board members in 2014.

Hotel evicted Dr Niblett over unpaid bills: Kouza

Member for Lae, Loujaya Kouza, says he is now living at another hotel while doing locum rounds at the cancer facility at Angau Memorial Hospital.

Kouza brought this to the attention of Parliament today seeking the health minister’s response on Dr Niblett’s payments.

The payments, she said, are from an order made by the court to the department to pay the doctor.

Minister Michael Malabag said Dr Niblett’s contract with the department expired in February 2016. However, it was extended for another three months to May of that same year.

PM O’Neill calls to reinstate Dr John Niblett at Angau hospital

O’Neill said this should be done in the current absence of an oncologist at the Hospital.

He said this when responding to Lae MP, Loujaya Kouza, who asked on the status on the appointment of a new Oncologist following the resignation of Dr Nibletts successor.

Kouza said there was currently a back log of cancer patients awaiting treatment while a new appointment was yet t be made.

She also said Dr Niblett was yet to receive outstanding entitlements owed to him by the Government.