PM O’Neill calls to reinstate Dr John Niblett at Angau hospital

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, says the Health Department should immediately negotiate to re-engage former Lae Angau Hospital Head of Cancer Oncologist, Dr. John Niblett.

O’Neill said this should be done in the current absence of an oncologist at the Hospital.

He said this when responding to Lae MP, Loujaya Kouza, who asked on the status on the appointment of a new Oncologist following the resignation of Dr Nibletts successor.

Kouza said there was currently a back log of cancer patients awaiting treatment while a new appointment was yet t be made.

She also said Dr Niblett was yet to receive outstanding entitlements owed to him by the Government.

“There is a long queue of cancer patients in the District and Province waiting for treatment. And the former Oncologist, Dr John Niblett, is still on the ground. He has not received his payout yet and his contract has expired. We need immediate attention to that.

“Can the Prime Minister assure this honourable House that we will be able to have an Oncologist whether a new one or the current one that is there, and his contract renewed to have this patients attended to? Kouza asked.

O’Neill said he was aware of the circumstances of Nibletts non-renewal and has instructed for his payout to be made immediately

He said the new Oncologist resigned after a few months and left for reasons only known to him, and added the Department will be instructed to address the Head of Oncology issue at Angau.

“I will be seeking the interventions of the Health Department very quickly. That is if they are not able to replace and fill in the vacancy, they should immediately negotiate and try to re-engage Dr. Niblett at the Hospital,” said the Prime Minister.

Dr Niblett had served as Chief Radiation Oncologist for more than 20 years at Angau’s Radiotherapy Unit before the non-renewal of his contract last year.

He was ordered to leave the country but has been given an extension to await entitlements owed to him.

Cedric Patjole