Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs

Guina: Service delivery is reaching the districts

Acting secretary for the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs (DPLLGA), Dickson Guina, revealed that the bulk of government funding is now going to the districts level.

Guina said the current Government has given more funding to districts, unlike in the past.

The bulk of the money is going there because service delivery is very critical.

“We are working together with other national agencies and partner agencies in ensuring that service delivery down at the district is effective.

Provincial Affairs launch 2014-2017 Corporate Plan

Standing in on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible Leo Dion, Vice Minister Joe Sungi officially launched the plan.

Sungi thanked the Department’s Secretary Dickson Guina for progressing this important document and assured him that he will be giving his full support to realising the achievements of the key strategic results areas in the Corporate Plan.

He said the Corporate Plan is more outward looking and in line with the current government focus on empowering provinces, districts and LLGs.