Department of National Planning

Secretary Koney appreciates UN partners

Secretary Koney said this workshop was timely for the Government and the development partners to agree on consolidating government priorities in the Medium-Term Development Plan IV (2023-2027) to Development Partners respective Country Assistance Strategies.

Department of National Planning Recognised

The award is part of Transparency International PNG’s 25th anniversary awards where the leading anti-corruption civil society organization acknowledge the support of individuals and partners in the fight against corruption in the country.

TIPNG’s Deputy Director-Partnerships and Policy, Yuambari Haihuie said the National Parliament and Department of National Planning were recognized under the category “key partners” for the awards.

Pilot project to be handed over

This pilot project is an adaptation measure to climate change, which has seen solar powered desalination plants installed in selected atoll islands in Manus since its launch in May last year.

Manus is a maritime province with many atoll islands, where water shortage becomes an issue during the dry season.

The rise of sea level is also affecting the drinking water source of rural communities but the technology of converting water from beach wells, into fresh drinking water, using solar power can be the ultimate solution for atolls in the country.