National Parliament

Department of National Planning Recognised

The award is part of Transparency International PNG’s 25th anniversary awards where the leading anti-corruption civil society organization acknowledge the support of individuals and partners in the fight against corruption in the country.

TIPNG’s Deputy Director-Partnerships and Policy, Yuambari Haihuie said the National Parliament and Department of National Planning were recognized under the category “key partners” for the awards.

Wong: Set Aside Political Differences

"As our country deals with this crisis it is no time for senseless politics. We need all Leaders to put differences aside, and work with a common resolve to fight back against COVID-19.

"How many Leaders in this House have been encouraging their constituents to

get vaccinated? … How many leaders are standing up and joining the Prime Minister to push for greater vaccination?"

He added that vaccination keeps people out of the healthcare system.

Missing audit reports: TIPNG

As required under the Public Finance (Management) (Amendment) Act (PFMAA) 2016, many have failed to provide reports for multiple years.

As the end of the term of the 10th Parliament approaches, TIPNG is calling on the Members of Parliament and the Department of Finance to support the Auditor General’s Office (AGO) in making a commitment to ensuring public audit reports are submitted and tabled in Parliament, as a measure to improve the accountability of these entities in spending public funds.

Pomat’s artefacts decision applauded

Caretaker Manager of the National Museum, Alois Kuaso, and Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, welcomed the announcement.

The artefacts were removed from the House in December 2013 by the former Speaker Theo Zurenouc, who said his actions were aimed at cleansing the building of evil spirits.

However, after the National Court ruled in favour of the National Museum, Speaker Job Pomat announced that his office was working with the latter to have the artefacts back on display in Parliament.

Deputy Speaker proud of women in Practice Parliament program

Deputy Speaker, John Simon welcomed all 45 women intending to run as candidates in the upcoming 2017 National Elections took to the State Function room to participate in a mock session.

The women spent the last week under taking training and skills development on both policy and parliamentary issues ending the training by standing up in a parliamentary setting, debating public policies and legislation for the first time in the history of the National Parliament.

Women candidates get training in parliament practices

Fifty candidates who intend to run in the 2017 National Elections have been selected for a five day program from March 7-11, which is now in the second year.

Participants will be trained in critical national policy issues, parliamentary processes and campaign strategies.

Registrar for Political Parties, Dr Alfonse Gelu says the role of an MP is very important and deserves their attention.

Gelu commended the participants for their participation in the Practice Parliament activity to prepare themselves on how to become politicians.

Court: Removal of masks and totem pole unlawful

Justice David Cannings delivered the decision of the Human Rights proceeding filed in 2014 by Grand Chief Sir Michal Somare and the managing director of the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery, Dr. Andrew Moutu.

The court found that the action by Parliament Speaker Theo Zurenuoc to restore, reform and modernise the parliament house was unlawful as it infringed on section 45 of the constitution and section 9 of the national cultural property.

House accepts 404 year bible as national treasure

 It was presented as a 40th Independence Anniversary gift to the people and government of Papua New Guinea.

Southern Highlands Governor William Powi presented the bible as a member of the delegation and on behalf of speaker Theodore Zurenuoc and his house committee.

He also moved to have the bible placed in the chambers as a national treasure in front of a packed public gallery made up of women from church groups as well as church leaders.