Department of National Planning Recognised

Transparency International PNG presented an appreciation award to the Department of National Planning and Monitoring on Friday morning.

The award is part of Transparency International PNG’s 25th anniversary awards where the leading anti-corruption civil society organization acknowledge the support of individuals and partners in the fight against corruption in the country.

TIPNG’s Deputy Director-Partnerships and Policy, Yuambari Haihuie said the National Parliament and Department of National Planning were recognized under the category “key partners” for the awards.

 “25 years ago we began a journey that requires widespread support from the media, community groups, international partners and state agencies.

“The National Planning has been a key partner. TIPNG and Department of National Planning co-chair the open government partnership where the government and civil society come together to co-create a plan of action.

“The open government partnership is a mechanism where the civil society and government can co-create a reform for anti-corruption and wider development.

“We believe that transparency and accountability can improve service delivery,” Mr Haihuie added.

Secretary for National Planning, Konny Samuel commended TIPNG for fighting corruption in the country for the last 25 years, adding that the Department will continue to commit and support their work.

“The Department has been in the forefront in supporting TIPNG in the open-government partnership.

“We will continue to build integrity around the governance process which is an important key in progressing development in this country.”

Jemimah Sukbat