Chinese workers

Controller approves return of Chinese workers

Manning said these are important construction managers and workers of major Chinese state owned enterprises engaged on major government infrastructures, including a hydro power station, major provincial airport redevelopments, major highway constructions as well as the construction of the new National and Supreme Court building.

He said these workers were stranded since the outbreak of COVID-19 and need to get back to complete these projects, which are funded by various international finance institutions, including the Asian Development Bank.

Rai Coast mothers bargain with Chinese

A first- timer or visitor to Basamuk in Rai Coast, Madang Province would be amazed on seeing local women bargaining with Chinese workers there.

“Meiyomeiyo polomanmeiyo ”  That’s the common phrase these local women will usually say,meaning  “ no, no, friend” when disagreeing to a bargain for price with a Chinese worker。

The women also understand some gestures which the Chinese use and often argue with them。