Traffic flows after Chimbu trunk roads cleared

Heavy duty machines hired by both the Simbu Provincial Government and the Kundiawa/Gembogl District Development Authority (DDA) worked almost 24 hours for five days to clear the debris and constructed a bypass.

About 15,000 people in the mountainous Gembogl and the Mt Wilhelm areas were effectively cut off from Kundiawa, the provincial capital, after a massive landslide destroyed a portion of that winding road two weeks ago.

Local MP Tobias Kulang thanked the Kamaneku and Yongomugl victims of the natural disaster for allowing the authorities to clear the blockade.

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Breakthrough in drugs fight in Chimbu

Simbu Police’s Operation Weedim Grass has become the leading marijuana combating team in the country with more than half a million plants uprooted over the last four years.

WHP and Jiwaka to fix major road link

Isikel launches housing scheme in Chimbu

The scheme will see 500 houses built in Kibri and Mirane on the eastern and southern outskirts of Kundiawa.

Isikel told a huge crowd in Kibri that the O'Neill/Dion government has appropriated funds in 2016 to build houses for public servants in Chimbu  in a bid to minimise accommodation problems encountered by the workforce.

Without disclosing the estimate cost of the project Isikel said the National Government has moved swiftly to address housing problems faced by public servants and the disciplined forces in Papua New Guinea.


Drugs and sorcery needs to be addressed – commander

Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli says drugs and sorcery related violence are two major issues for the province.

“I encourage village people (to report) incidents of sorcery related issues so that authorities can help prevent deaths or tribal fights,” he says.

Beli says these two issues need to be addressed properly by authorities, especially sorcery.

He says people need to know that sorcery is only a belief that was practised before and passed on through generations.