Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC)

Initiatives outlined to improve the coffee industry

The newly appointed Coffee Minister, William Bando has also outlined his vision for empowering rural communities through coffee cultivation.

Addressing Program Managers and senior staff of the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) in Goroka last week, Minister Bando emphasized the need to transform coffee into a cornerstone of the nation's economy, particularly benefiting marginalized groups and the youth.

The key initiatives outlined include:

K20 mil coffee partnerships signed

CIC-PACD Project Manager Potaisa Hombunaka explained that the whole process of finally having the successful lead partners to formally sign their agreements with CIC-PACD was not an easy task.

He stated, “It took almost a year to complete all the processes to ensure those selected were genuine partners to implement the project.

“It has taken the Project Management Unit (PMU) of coffee 12 months and now into the process of signing the final 24 productive partnerships to the tune of K20 million.”

Young coffee buyer helps farmers

28-year-old Jonathan Dian has been in this business since 2015.

“There is no proper road or access to move coffee out so small-scale buyers in the village, like me, we help by buying their coffee and at the same time, pay men to carry the coffee bags to wherever the pickup point is,” said Jonathan.

On average, Jonathan hires three carriers for K20 each to move his coffee bags from Indagen to Konge, which is a three-hour walk.

PNG participates at MICE 2023

Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) Chief Operations Officer Steven Tumae says, as the responsible authority for the coffee industry in Papua New Guinea, it is pleased to be supporting this international event with the support of the Australian Government through the Australia PNG Economic Partnership (APEP) program.

Tumae said CIC’s mandate is to regulate and improve market access for the industry. It further recognizes the need to foster and actively promote partnerships and marketing.

Partnership research launches CBB modules

The modules were launched on Wednesday 9th August 2023 by Coffee Minister Joe Kuli in the presence of the Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) representatives, Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) staff and management and coffee industry stakeholders in Goroka.

Gulf Govt and CIC sign coffee deal

The agreement will cover a five-year partnership (2023-2027) valued on kina to kina basis. This will progress and increase coffee production in the district.

The deal was signed by Coffee Minister Joe Kuli, Kerema MP Thomas Opa, Gulf Governor Sir Chris Haiveta, and CICL chief executive officer, Charles Dambui, and witnessed by the Gulf Administration, coffee ministry and the CICL at Parliament House.

The signing now allows for support to come from both parties in terms of financial and human resource capacity to carry out coffee work in Gulf. 

Focus on Coffee Berry Borer

“Another challenge the coffee industry is facing is the Coffee Berry borer which is eating into the farmers’ pocket as well, farmers are losing crop gradually because of the insect infestation on the crop. It’s now spreading Jiwaka, Eastern Highlands, Chimbu and that pest is moving,” said Chief Executive Officer for Coffee Industry Corporation, Charles Dambui, during the presentation of the cheques for price and freight subsidy.

Standards To Lift Coffee Trade

The new green bean standards address the price discrimination between small holders and plantation owners in the coffee industry. In compliance with international standards, the new coffee grading standards was reduced from 13 grade to five grade. The reduction of the grades aims to ensure competitive prices for coffee producers.

Coffee a potential billion kina industry

Industry Corporation (CIC) Acting Chief Executive, Charles Dambui, said this can be achieved through teamwork among the CIC, value chain partners, key stakeholders and relevant government stakeholders

He said this at the launch of the National Coffee Development Roadmap 2020-2030 (NCDR) and the CIC strategic business plan 2020-2024 (CIC SBP) in Goroka recently, which was attended by Prime Minister James Marape, and Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, John Simon. 

Coffee economic roads improving the lives of farmers

The improved roads system has enabled buyers to go to the grower’s door steps to buy coffee.

Eastern Highlands, Jiwaka and Western Highlands, the three main Arabica coffee growing provinces have benefited from this project.

The 50 kilometers Okapa link is one of nine economic roads costing K28 million.

Coffee growers, Amox Buka, says the improved road system has motivated them to look after coffee tress well and to plant more.