Celebs react to Orlando Nightclub Attack

At least 50 people were killed and at least 50 others were wounded when a male gunman opened fire inside the crowded gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando Saturday night. A frightening message was posted on the venue's Facebook page that night. It read: "Everyone get out of pulse and keep running." The shooter was killed by police.

Cher, Eminem and more stars donate to help fight Flint Water Crisis

The water supply in Flint has been deemed so unsafe that the state attorney general advised parents to keep their children away from it, including a warning against bathing while President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency, according to NBC News.

Thousands are feared to have suffered permanent brain damage while 10 residents have died from Legionnaire's Disease.

Cher, Victoria Beckham and Brad Pitt among Top 9 Sitcom guest stars

Well, not a whole lot, except for the fact that all three have made scene-stealing appearances on sitcoms!

That's right, E!'s tallying up the top nine sitcom guest stars from over the years and the picks will without a doubt surprise you.

Who could forget the moment Cher and Sean Hayes tried to out-attitude one another during an episode of Will & Grace? And how ridiculously amazing was it that none other than Mrs. Beckham herself was dubbed "perfect spice" on Ugly Betty?