Boroko police station cells

Turi appeals for help

Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi issued an appeal yesterday after NCDC health inspectors toured the station.

The appeal came about when Turi was asked if there will be surveillance cameras in the holding cell building.

Turi said there is a need for that but unfortunately, they have limited funds.

He added that it is imperative for surveillance in the holding cells. This is so the daily movement of suspects, as well as police officers, can be monitored.

New Boroko cells still to pass health inspections

This is the first time after a while in which the cells blocks have been renovated since the facility was first built.

NCDC Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi during the tour this morning said until the holding cells are given the approval by the inspectors, the cells will be open for occupation by inmates.

The holding cells have had major maintenance and refurbishment since last year when it was condemned by the NCDC health inspections.

Environmental Health Senior Inspector Mathew Laba says since last year, the cell blocks have seen an immense improvement.

Renovation works on Boroko police cells continues

NCDC and Central Province Commander Sylvester Kaluat says the detainees are still being kept at Waigani and Badili police stations. He says when the work is done, they will move into the new cell blocks.

Kalaut says we are only a couple of weeks away for the cell block to be completed to bring back the detainees to occupy the cells again.

The walls have been painted a shade of green with new and stronger bars on the cell gates and a heavy ceramic door painted grey put in the main entrance of the cell.

Police nab man for marijuana stash

The 23 year old man allegedly had in his possession 5kg worth of marijuana.

He is being held at the Boroko police station cells.

In another drug related arrest police arrested a Tari man late last night near the 4 mile main bus stop after they received a tip off about him selling drugs.

That suspect had about 10kg worth of marijuana at the time of his arrest.

The man is also being detained at the Boroko cells.