NCDC Health

Food poisoning victims await authorities

At least 18 reported cases, and a couple more, were said to have suffered food poisoning after catching a foodborne illness circulating at the restaurant over the Mother’s Day weekend.

But the restaurant believes this incident is unrelated to food preparation standards.

Still, officials were alerted on Wednesday, May 17. 

A full team of officers from NCDC Health, National Health department and World Health Organisation jointly inspected the hotel on Monday, May 22.

NCDC Health did a health and sanitation inspection on the same day.

New Boroko cells still to pass health inspections

This is the first time after a while in which the cells blocks have been renovated since the facility was first built.

NCDC Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi during the tour this morning said until the holding cells are given the approval by the inspectors, the cells will be open for occupation by inmates.

The holding cells have had major maintenance and refurbishment since last year when it was condemned by the NCDC health inspections.

Environmental Health Senior Inspector Mathew Laba says since last year, the cell blocks have seen an immense improvement.