Bomana inmates

72 inmates equipped with business skills

Undertaken by inmates, Correctional Service Officers and other interested individuals, the training has not only transformed and rehabilitated the mindsets of the detainees, but has also given them financial freedom and independence.

The 15-week training program has broadened their knowledge, enabled them to be resourceful and opened new doors despite being behind bars.

The training program comprised of the Human Development and Business Class Education aspects.

Inmates launch first-ever album

The album, recorded under CHM and supported by NYDA and NCDC, is more than just rhythm and tunes….it is the prisoners’ way of speaking their minds and sharing their experiences about life behind bars.

People’s perception of a prison is often synonymous with crime, notoriety and loss of freedom.

But the inmates of Bomana have risen to the challenge to change this perception through their musical talents, mainly raising warning flags and to communicate positive messages.

Inmates take part in Christmas celebrations

For a group of young men from Bomana, yoga has given them that chance sooner than their terms.

With their leader Gordon Gala Jnr, nine inmates were able to be part of the carols by candlelight’s celebration in Port Moresby last night.

Yogi Jailbirds, as they called themselves, gave an outstanding performance of acrobatic skills to an eager crowd of hundreds of the city residents.

“It’s a wonderful night here and we are happy to be part of the celebrations,” Gala Jnr told Loop PNG.