Soroi Eoe

SPA reports analyzed

This is according to Minister for the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs, Soroi Eoe.

He says there are 14 LLG SPAs in the country. Twelve of them are operating whilst two, although proclaimed are not functioning due to funding issues.

The SPAs are established under Section 42-50 of the Local Level Government (LLG) Act, 1997.

2024 LLG election dates announced

Minister Eoe says the revised election program dates are as follows:

Road Link Vital For Ihu

Improving basic services for the people of the district remains a pivotal role for the KDDA with support from Member Eoe, as they continue to deliver projects.

On Tuesday, 26 January the first project was launched. It was the handing over of two trucks in Belepa Village, Ihu LLG. Member Eoe officially announced the opening of the road from Petoi to Ihu, a vital road link for the people of Ihu.

Minister clarifies appointment process

DPM is only responsible for the facilitation of the process of appointments.

Minister Eoe said this in response to media reports claiming DPM overlooked appointing a permanent Provincial Administrator for Jiwaka Province and brought back a former retired administrator.

To correct the claims made in the media, the following facts are provided:

Public servants reminded of privileges, responsibilities

Minister for Public Service, Soroi Eoe, urged the public servants to know and fear God so that they can be good stewards of resources at their disposal, including time management and financial accountability.   

“Because if you don’t know God you don’t know your responsibilities. There’s no commitment. You cannot have that challenge of stealing money, the challenge of coming late, or just coming in because you want to be seen to be signing attendance record to look good but where is your productivity: these are challenges that we face.”

Kikori MP opposes coal mining

Soroi Eoe, who is also Minister for Community Development, Youth & Religion, said since Mayur Resources began operations in country and more so in their plans for the Kikori District, in Gulf Province, “the company hasn’t initiated any dialogue with my office nor had the courtesy to consult me on my views regarding coal development”.

Minister Eoe clarifies church grants reports

He says the information shared during the launching of the Churches Database System and Application was misinterpreted and incorrectly reported.

He clarified that church grants for 2019 is K10 million and not K155 million as reported.

Eoe emphasized that the K155 million was the total of government grants from 2009 to 2014 when the PNG Church State Partnership Program came into existence.

Plans to rehabilitate Kikori district

However, this will soon be a thing of the past.

The Kikori District Development Authority, through the leadership of the Member for Kikori Open, Soroi Eoe (as chairman), have worked tirelessly to put together plans and passed board resolutions to bring back much-needed development services to the district.

The Kikori District Development Authority passed resolutions for the following:

Minister to push for ‘Christian country’ declaration

He said this in response to a question put to him by Daulo MP, Pogio Giombo Ghate, on his stance on same-sex marriage.

The Daulo MP labeled same-sex marriage as an evil activity that was slowly entering PNG society.

Ghate asked Minister Eoe to come out clear on his stance on same-sex marriage and his plans to address it.

“This evil activity in neighbouring countries, are we aware that it might affect our country?

“This evil activity is around the corner and is coming into our region and this is my concern,” said Ghate.

New director general for national youth authority

Reuben Aikea has now moved up the ranks, succeeding Norick Luio whose 3 year contract expired in June 2018.

Aikea, an evangelical pastor and dentist by profession, was an employee of National Youth Development Authority prior to his appointment as head of the agency.

Minister Eoe said Aikea’s appointment was done according to government procedures.

Minister Eoe thanked the outgoing Director General for the work he did in implementing youth oriented programs and addressing youth related issues in a bid to improve lives in the country.